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Drake Music - our newest client

We are delighted to announce our latest client Drake Music, who we will be working with over coming months, to help futher develop their brand and marketing.

IMAGE: The Prospectors at Band on the Wall Oct 2012

IMAGE: The Prospectors at Band on the Wall Oct 2012. Photo (c) Jessy Garcia, taken from the Drake Music website.

Drake Music are a leading authority on music and disability. They use technology to open up access to music making for disabled peoples at all levels and abilities. This can mean training teachers on inclusion and access or creating opportunities for disabled musicians to collaborate with other artists.

If you haven't come across the organisation before, please allow me to introduce it with a fantastic film. The video shows Gawain, a Drake Music team member, explaining how he uses technology to help children with additional needs to find their voice and express themselves through music.

It's easy to see how much fun the kids have using the microphone with voice effects and also the innovative Sound Beam - an instrument which turns movement into music.

Go to to find out more, whether you are a musician, a teacher, a developer of music technology or are just interested in their innovative, interesting work.

I am really looking forward to finding out more about Drake Music and to sharing their work with you as the project progresses.

Thanks for reading!


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