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If you're looking to organise and promote an event, plan a PR campaign, understand the data you're getting back from your box office, or just simply to shout about your work a little better, then we're your guys.

Brought together by a shared passion for the arts and marketing, Shipshape can provide input and expertise from three experienced marketers who have worked on a range of projects - from product launches and creative conferences, to website builds and crowdfunding campaigns. We work hard to bring a fresh viewpoint, new insights, creative ideas and passion to every project, guided by our training, knowledge and experience. 


We love to spread the word about great art, craft, design, events, music and films. It's what we do.


Marketing Strategy

We can offer guidance on writing a marketing plan, taking you through the steps one by one and reviewing your progress.


Or, we can analyse, research and write one for you to help you achieve your aims and goals for the year.

Social Media Marketing

Most people understand social media, but not everyone is comfortable using it. We can guide you through the benefits and pitfalls of Social Media marketing, helping to increase follower numbers and engagement with your audience.


We offer a range of social media services, from mentoring and training or complete management of your social media accounts.


We can help you tell your story more effectively to gain more press and blog coverage for your work, event, performance, album, design...


Whatever your creative project is, we can help you to get more exposure for it through planning your PR strategy, writing press releases, helping you to build contact lists and more.


Project Launch

Make the most of your print and online presence with some carefully crafted copy.


We'll help you to select the perfect word to cleanly and clearly communicate your message to your audience or customers.


We can write copy for websites, customer brochures, blogs, press releases, email marketing and more.

If you've got a new project, brochure, website, festival, product or company in the pipeline we can help you launch it. 


A one-off, time-limited project to make a splash about your new idea. Launching something new alongside your day-to-day work can be a huge pressure. We can take care of the marketing and communications side for you, leaving you free to deal with logistics and perfect all the small details.


If you're embarking on a crowdfunding mission and need support on marketing the project, managing the crowdfunding campaign, making the most of your social media networks and more, then get in touch.


We know what a big undertaking crowdfunding can be and will be with you every step of the way.

Email Marketing

Events Management

If you've been meaning to do some email marketing but haven't quite gotten around to it yet, give us a call. We can help. 


We can manage your email marketing campaigns throughout the year writing great engaging emails, working with you to build your mailing list and get great responses.

From concept through to delivery we can manage events on behalf of individuals and organisations.


We have a range of experience of event management from awards ceremonies through to live music gigs or craft fairs. We can bring creative ideas and collaborations to the fore, making exciting events that people won't want to miss and won't stop tweeting about.


These are just a few of the sorts of marketing services we offer. We are a small company so we can work flexibly and give lots of personal attention to all our clients. 


If there's something you want that you can't see here, feel free to ask. We like to work on innovative, exciting projects and bring our experience and creativity to every job we do.


To discuss a project, or ask us a question, just email


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