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We work with arts organisations and artists to develop and deliver interesting arts marketing projects. Recent (and some current) clients include Watershed, Drake Music, the Centre for Culture & Creativity at Lincoln University, Graeae Theatre Company, East End Film Festival, Jo-Anne Cox, Daryl Beeton Productions and Objectively Funny Festival.

Drake Music
2014 - 2022

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We are working with Drake Music on an ongoing basis to offer a marketing management service, collaborating with the team on a range of marketing, comms & advocacy campaigns and strategies.


Drake Music are leaders in music, disability & technology. We began our relationship by working with the team to develop a new strategy, tagline and marketing assets for the organisation including website content, social media management, leaflets, presentation templates, business cards and more.

Since then we have worked across the organisation to deliver accessible and engaging comms, including work on specific projects within Drake Music such as hackathons, new music commissions, education projects, live music events and the UK tour of Brazilian rapper Billy Saga.

Willis Newson
2015 - 2017
National/ Bristol

Shipshape worked with arts and health consultancy Willis Newson to reach new clients and to input into communication strategies for projects.


Willis Newson work with the healthcare and construction industries to create welcoming, reassuring and healing environments for healthcare. We worked with Willis Newson to develop and launch a streamlined design service and then in an ongoing capacity to manage marketing activities and to build and develop relationships with their client base.

We also input into and wrote communications strategies for various projects Willis Newson worked on during that time, such as an arts programme in a Bristol hospital and the launch of a new public art programme in Brighton.

Sound UK

Shipshape managed the digital marketing for Sound UK on two projects - an online collaboration with the National Trust and tour promotion for music and spoken word project Chase The Whale.


One and All is an immersive digital journey through sight, sound and sea created in collaboration between Sound UK, Trust New Art and film-maker Benjamin Wigley of Artdocs. Ben created filmed walks along the UK coastline, leading to 3 art commissions by poet Owen Sheers, artist Tania Kovats and sound artist Martyn Ware.


We worked with the project producers to help them tell the story online and via social media. We connected with blogs, influential tweeters and instagrammers and built social media awareness around the #OneandAllUK hashtag.

For Chase The Whale we told the tale of whales and sailors via twitter, facebook & instagram, including writing and sharing an original story tweet-by-tweet to raise the profile of the project.

one day : Day One

We worked with artist Sara Zaltash to plan, prepare and execute a digital marketing campaign for her European Green Capital project.


Sara travelled to all the neighbourhoods of Bristol with a pop up geodesic dome to ask people questions and start conversations about the future.


Our role involved developing a zero-budget marketing plan for the project, creating content for the website and managing all social media and PR.

neat festival

We worked with key arts venues across Nottingham to plan, prepare and execute the marketing campaign for the Nottingham European Arts & Theatre Festival in 2014.


This was the second edition of the neat festival, with the first taking place in 2011, so it was important to create a strong visual identity and brand for the festival for audiences and visitors to identify with across a broad range of events. 


With over 50 events at more than 10 venues this was a big project with lots of interesting tasks to get our teeth into. We began with the data and audience info from the previous festival and worked from there to identify target markets and create campaigns which reached specific demographics. 


We commissioned design agency Sunday to produce the visual identity for the festival and worked with them to create a look and feel which represented our strapline: "Welcome to Nottingham's world class arts festival". Together we created an inclusive, accessible, friendly brand for the festival.


The marketing campaign took in everything from lamp post banners to online ads with national media, social media activity to guerilla marketing with the artists performing at the festival.


neat14 went with a real bang, with lots of sold out shows, record attendance at the Wheee! Family Weekend, big leaps in social media follower numbers, a potential twitter reach of nearly 7m and a huge amount of positive buzz around the festival and the city. 

Paa Joe & The Lion

We worked with film-makers Ben & Anna to crowdfund their documentary about Ghanaian coffin-maker Paa Joe. Here's what they said:


"Anders and Bex created a great identity for their marketing and creative entrepreneurship through their music promotion work, Hello Thor, and homeware brand, Pretty Dandy.  As big fans of both brands, and the people behind them, we approached the duo to lead the online marketing for our crowd-funding campaign for documentary feature film, Paa Joe & The Lion.  


We trusted their taste and the way they navigate and communicate with people and other brands online and felt this would be an instrumental part of a successful crowd-funding campaign.


Over 300 people pledged to the Kickstarter campaign which, through the work of Shipshape, was very present on Twitter and Facebook, and we reached some brilliant platforms of endorsement as a result, from LittleWhiteLies to the Huffington Post.


Shipshape brought a lot of things to the project including a new energy, a clear online profile and some wonderfully creative and imaginative blog posts including interviews, Ghanaian inspired music playlists, film-based games and much, much more.  Shipshape’s enthusiasm for the project was clear to see and this, in turn, created a strong and inclusive identity for the project, engaging many people both online and off."


Anna Griffin, Producer, Paa Joe & The Lion

Watch the trailer for Paa Joe & The Lion here and read more about the film here.

Bruce Asbestos

We worked with Bruce to put together a PR strategy to help him achieve more coverage over the coming year...

"Shipshape were great to work with.
The work they did for me was friendly, useful, tailored and timely."

Bruce Asbestos, artist / curator Trade Gallery 
You can find out all about Bruce and his work here and watch the latest series of his Social Media Takeaway series on Youtube now

Blair Jollands

Blair is a solo musician and recording artist who has worked with some pretty exciting people in his time. We're proud that now includes us as we support him on the run up to launching his new album. So far this has included a review of his online presence and a plan of action for making improvements. In Blair's own words:


"Shipshape came highly recommended to me by a fellow songwriter. I needed major help getting focused on how to plan a release campaign.


Their mentoring has been invaluable and their marketing, PR and social networking experience has helped get everything 'shipshape' ready for the release. Hire them!"


Blair Jollands, Glowb Recordings

You can check out Blair's music here and find him on Facebook here.

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