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Jo-Anne Cox's Defiant Journey

For the past few months we have been supporting musician Jo-Anne Cox with the communications around her R&D project to develop a new show.

Jo sits with a sparkly cello onstage lit in pink

Jo-Anne is a contemporary cellist who has performed widely with ensembles and other performers, but wanted to develop her first solo show.

Not one to take the easy route, Jo-Anne also wanted to create a show which had access built into the heart of it, where access informed the creative choices she and her collaborators were making.

That sounded like the kind of challenge we enjoy too, and so began our work with Jo-Anne to develop a plan for comms, which included writing copy about the show, researching industry contacts to build relationships with, event support including invite mail outs, eventbrite and live tweeting, and more.

It's been a real pleasure working with Jo-Anne to help support her vision of an interactive, colourful electric cello performance with digital arts woven throughout.

And it was an even greater pleasure to see the scratch performance at Stratford Circus Arts Centre where Jo performed the new show for the first time and all the sensory, musical, visual, textural and digital elements came together in a glorious moment of connection.

If you're a programmer for a theatre with a small space, a festival or rural routing network, then get in touch with Jo to find out more.

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