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Website launched for the Centre for Culture & Creativity at Lincoln University

Earlier this year we had an interesting phone call from Sukhy Johal, the Director of the Centre for Culture and Creativity at the University of Lincoln who said (quoting loosely!) "We don't have a website and we need one, can you help?"

Creative workspace

This was interesting as often we work with clients who have existing sites and maybe would like to look at the analytics and make improvements, or who want to freshen up the content with podcasts or How To guides or articles.

Here was a chance to work on a new project entirely from scratch, where there was a great deal of interesting content just waiting to be shared.

We worked closely with the team at C4CC and the designers at Born Agency in Lincoln to put together a picture of who the audiences for the website would be, a structure to help those audiences find the content they would be looking for and a plan for how to create all this in a short space of time so the site would be ready for the upcoming Heritage Dot event in Lincoln.

We then pulled together content from all the different projects the Centre leads on and oversees including written text, statistics, video and photography and set about ensuring it all had a consistent feel, format and tone of voice.

With a positive team and lots of good material to work with, we got it finished in record time and live in time for the event.

See the site for yourself and learn more about the fascinating work the C4CC is doing to connect communities through the arts & creativity in Lincolnshire.

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