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Hilarious new ad showcases GE's Link lightbulb AND the genius of Tim & Eric

General Electric (or rather the agency they hired, BBDO) have dreamt up a fantastically funny way to introduce the world to their latest 'smart' lightbulbs. The ad shows off the product's benefits and its value to the consumer while avoiding being too dry or tech-y. It also reminds the world why Jeff Goldblum and the unseen heroes of the weird ad, US indie comedy legends Tim and Eric, should never be too far from our hearts or screens. This is a great example of an agency responding creatively to a brief and using talented individuals in just the right way. It's also a nice reminder about (wait for it...) 'thinking outside the box' (eurgh!). The star of the ad and humour in it wouldn't be your first thought about how to communicate the appeal of the Link lightbulb or its accompanying app. But BBDO and GE obviously know enough about their target audience to approach the campaign in this way. They also know that there a number of ways to get a message out there, and that creating a memorable (and memorably odd!) ad is a great way to do it. So, next time you want to communicate with customers or potential clients remember to think about: * Who are you trying to reach?

* What's the best way to talk to them?

* How can you make sure your message stands out and is remembered?

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