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Drake Music featured in WIRED

Since December we have been working with the fantastic national charity Drake Music. Their mission is to open up access to music for disabled people, from workshops with school children right through to artistic development for disabled musicians.

A hugely important part of their work is Research and Development into new accessible instruments. The range of options out there for disabled people to write, create and play music is currently very limited and the team want to expand that by putting disabled artists at the heart of developing new tech to ensure it really does meet their needs.

With that in mind, they are now working with musician Kris Halpin, Imogen Heap and her team developing Mi.Mu Gloves to create a truly usable, accessible instrument. This is an incredibly important and exciting piece of work and we are delighted to say it has just been profiled in WIRED - If you'd like to know more about this cool piece of technology you can read all about it here.

Imogen Heap Drake Music image by Nate Lanxton.jpg

Image by Nate Lanxton from

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