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Donna Wilson brightens up winter with her glorious new knitwear

Around this time of year we often get a bit depressed as the shops fill up with new ranges of drab-coloured clothes. Out go summer's sunny tones and in comes a slew of browns, greys and blacks. Praise be then, for Donna Wilson and her new Autumn-Winter knitwear. We've been fans of her wonderful woolly creations for a while now - from her first flock of fabulous furry creatures to her delightfully comfy lambswool cushions. Now she is bringing her bright signature style to her first ever collection of women's knitwear. She has called the collection 'Jumpers and Ice Cream' and we are pleased to report that it lives up to its fun-filled name. The A/W collection is all UK-made - in Scotland, where the designer grew up - and will be available exclusively on her studio site and at Couverture & The Garbstore in London, the first shop to stock Donna's knitted dolls over a decade ago.

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