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Pulp: A Film about Life, Death and Supermarkets

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Last night we had the pleasure of watching Pulp: a film about life, death and supermarkets at its gala screening at in-edit festival in Barcelona. Florian Hebicht's documentary follows the band as they finish their reunion tour of 2012 with their last (ever?) gig in their home town of Sheffield. As well as brilliantly capturing this fabulous farewell performance, the director also gets familiar with Sheffield, the Steel (or as Mr Cocker dubbed it in song) Sex City. A cast of brilliant characters, from choirs and pensioners to kids and knife-makers, provide an insight into the band's birthplace.

The film, like the band's music, manages to find something extraordinary and poignant in very ordinary places. It celebrates and showcases the people of Sheffield and gives them almost equal screen time with the band. It is this which sets the film apart from the average music documentary and makes it such a joy to watch. As a fan of the band it is easy to spend 90 minutes enjoying their music and opinions - both of which are as surprising and delightful as ever. What gives the film real heart, though, is also hearing the thoughts and life lessons learned by the people that lay behind those twitchy net curtains Jarvis has been singing about for so long.

By turns funny, moving and exhilarating, this film is successful as a documentary, a live concert and a record of a unique moment in the life of the band and of Sheffield as a city. Don't miss it!

In-Edit Film Festival continues until 2nd November

Find out more about the film at

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